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Fellow membership level recognizes the achievements and contributions of people working in any area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. To meet this goal, the Society has adopted the well-established membership schema of the Higher Education Academy. The membership categories are:


This membership level recognizes the entry-level contribution in the field of nanoscience or nanotechnology.


Senior Fellow

As the title suggests, this level is limited to those who have made significant contributions in the field of nanoscience or nanotechnology.


Senior Fellow:


Highest level of membership and is strictly reserved for those who have made noticeable achievements in the area of nanoscience or nanotechnology.


Honorary Fellow

Highest grade of membership and honours exceptional achievement and service relating to the field of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Nanoelectronics & Nanomedicine.

Principal Fellow

Sign up for an account and submit your application 
The application mostly depends on public profiles, such as a list of publications, but you must provide a statement outlining your accomplishments, which are not readily apparent.
We strongly advise you to include your ORCID profile.
You must pay an Rs.5000 non-refundable application fee.

Note: PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR GRADE CAREFULLY. It is unlikely that you will be successful in a grade for which you are not eligible because the applications go through a rigorous peer-review procedure by independent reviewers.

Atleast three peer reviewers will be assigned to your submission.
You may check the progress of your application at any moment by going online.

Fellow status will be awarded if the peer-reviewer gives his or her approval.
Please keep in mind that the choice is totally dependent on peer evaluation.
You will not be able to appeal the decision, but you will be able to submit a fresh application, which will be forwarded to new reviewers.
However, if there is a clear disagreement in the reviewers' findings, we may speak with another reviewer to reach a decision.

Application Procedure


Peer - Review Assessment

Fellow members are selected through a standard peer-review procedure. Each submitted application is assigned to three independent peer- reviewers. The applicant's admittance to the specified category should be strongly recommended by all three reviewers. We transfer the application to an extra reviewer if the majority of the reviewers recommended admission and there was no unambiguous recommendation against admission. The choice is based on the reviewer's suggestion.

If a better grade was proposed by certain reviewers, the applicant might submit a fresh application for the higher grade.
In the new application, the favorable suggestions from the prior peer-review procedure will be retained.
If an applicant submitted for Fellow and two out of three reviewers suggested Senior Fellow, the applicant can reapply as a Senior Fellow. Two prior reports recommending Senior Fellow will be included in the current application, and the application will only be given to one reviewer.

The Society's peer-review procedure is its focal point.
When it comes to choosing new members, few (if any) societies adopt a peer-review procedure.
As a result, it is essential to follow a standard approach to provide all candidates an equal chance.

The most important criterion in appraising an application is the quality of contributions, not the number.
Anyone may readily estimate the number of publications.
The goal of Fellowship recognition is to ensure that peers of the applicants attest to the value of their work.

The significance of honesty cannot be overstated.
If you find any proof of scientific discrepancy or ethical concern, please include it in your report.

Academic credentials clearly help people progress in their careers and research possibilities, but they are not taken into account when evaluating an application.
The decision is decided solely on the basis of contributions to the field of nanotechnology, independent of educational background or position.
Executive roles are seen favorably if they have aided in the advancement of nanotechnology (for example, leading a nanotechnology-oriented research center).

The Fellowship programme seeks to acknowledge contributions to the progress of nanotechnology as one of the important causes.
As a result, any effort that assists others in becoming interested in any aspect of nanotechnology is highly valued.

Selection Criteria

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